The Viva System For Mesh Avatars


A New and Exciting Mesh Avatar System


If you are looking for a mesh avatar for Second Life, look no further than the Viva System. In development for nearly three years, it combines the latest virtual world innovations along with the best traditional features. Quite simply, the Viva mesh body is a beauty to behold.


Currently, Viva is practically free. I just charge 1 Linden - and if someone is too poor, I'll provide it free. Why do I offer it for 1 Linden? Viva really needs to develop a solid user base and it needs creators to make skins, clothing and other items for her.


Because the market is almost exclusively dominated by a couple of brands, it's almost impossible for someone new to establish any sort of presence. This is a huge risk for me since I have a lot time wrapped up in her, but for the time being, I am giving away the avatar free. Sometime down the road, I will need to charge more- perhaps for a derivative of Viva - but all packages are 1 Linden.


It comes in three flavors: A Limited Version. A Lite Version. And a Full Featured Version. Here's a detailed chart with the differences between each: chart


On this website, you'll find comprehensive help on each of the versions. A forum has also been created for users and creators to exchange information, and you'll find a creator's kit if you like to create things for yourself or to sell on the Second Life marketplace.


If you'd like to get a visual look at some of Viva's features, check this: Viva Images


Brief Descriptions of Each Version

Limited. Originally, this was to be a Free Version (also called Level 1), but since both the Lite or Full Featured version are free, it doesn't make sense to continue to offer this. The Limited version included the avatar and three separate HUD's.


Lite. The Lite Version (also called Level 2) is a great starter mesh avatar for a great price. It is 1 Linden. You get two avatars. One is a traditional mesh avatar that includes one layer on which you can load tattoos or underwear. The other is a Bakes on Mesh avatar which allows you to take advantage of Second Life's new Bakes on Mesh system. Both bodies are physics enabled with breast, belly and butt dynamics.


The Level 3 version handles advanced materials. Body shape is controllable by Appearance Sliders. The Lite comes with a Master HUD which combines all Viva functions, including the following components: alphas, layers, fingernail coloring, nail designs, & hand poses.) Instead of dealing with separate HUD's, you'll find everything you'll need in one place. It includes ten skins, a mesh dress, and Bakes on Mesh clothing. Overall, you'll find over 100 items in the Level 2 package.


Full Featured. Now let me introduce to . . . drum roll . . . the Full Featured Version (Level 3)! I think you'll find it one amazing mesh avatar. And you'll be amazed at what it comes with. You get a Master HUD which is loaded with even more features than the Lite version to make your avatar look the best.


And look at this! It includes what I believe is Second Life's most powerful and versatile application of the new Bakes of Mesh system. No need to switch from one avatar to avatar. By the click of a button, the Viva system makes your avatar fully Bakes on Mesh compatible. Need to return to the avatar's original state? Easily done by another click. You never have to leave the Master HUD.


Many mesh avatar packages do not include a Bento head, but the Level 3 version includes two Bento heads. Like the Lite version, Level 3 handles advanced materials. Body shape is controllable by Appearance Sliders. You can drop scripts into mesh items you are wearing to control coloring, shininess, etc. It has an auto loader for alphas. The body handles advanced materials & physics. It includes a fingernail and toenail designer and much more. Overall, you'll find over 150 items in the Level 3 package. The Level 3 program is free of charge.


Developer . . . Yep, that's me


And who is me? Let me introduce myself . . . I'm Sundance Haiku (my Second Life name and alter ego). I'm the developer and creator of Viva. Let me start by saying that this has been one of the most difficult projects I've ever taken on. It turned into an absolute labor of love. If I had any idea how much time it would take, I never would have started. It was literally hours and hours of work over a thirty-month period of time.


Viva is an original work, lovingly built from the ground up. Starting from a germ of an idea - and plenty of hope - I sculpted a model, and then moved to the painstaking process of building its topology, then on to the equally painstaking process of weighting, and then pouring more late-night hours into developing an innovative Master HUD system. The Viva system is the result of those efforts, and my reward will be knowing that I have create something that brings enjoyment to you and my fellow sojourners in the virtual world.


Future Plans


Where does Viva go from here? My plans are to develop another Viva female model with a smaller bust area. Using the Appearance Sliders, you can increase the bust of the current Viva model quite nicely, but there's a limit to how well things look going in the opposite direction. Once that's finished, then I have two male avatars on the drawing board.


Where to Obtain Viva & Viva Demos


Here are the links to the Second Life Marketplace where you can obtain Viva:


Screen Displays

Below are a selection of screen displays from the Level 3 Master HUD . . .



Alpha HUD


Skin HUD


Layers HUD



Bakes on Mesh HUD


Nail Design HUD


Fingernail HUD


Other Functions


Links to Help Support | Viva Forum | Creator's Information | Comparison Chart of the 3 Levels



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